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Customer Care

We are pretty big on community here at barnstead farmstead, and we view our customers as friends and neighbors. We have so much love and excitement for everything we do here, and we hope that translates to you through our products and services. It is our goal to provide you with quality products that align with our vision for sustainability, local-sourcing, and permaculture methods that regenerate our soils and reduce our impact. By supporting our farm, we hope you can come to feel a sense of connection with everything we do here, and we thank you for becoming a part of our community! 

Please feel free to reach out regarding anything you've purchased, to learn more about what we do here, or to discuss our services at any time. You can reach us through our automated submission on our Say Hello page, or contact us directly by phone or email any time. While we certainly hope that you are happy with our work and our products, we will welcome you to share you issues or concerns.  We are a small family farm, so rest assured you will be dealing directly with us, the growers/producers to resolve your issues. 

Wholesale Inquiries

We welcome any inquiries for small-scale wholesale of hand-tied bouquets and gifts found in our farm store. In addition to our cut flowers, we also operate a small vegetable farm. Our inventory of veggies is always growing as we diversify and expand. We are currently marketing a variety of microgreens for retail sale and would love to discuss with you any specialty items we can grow for your kitchen or grocery operation. 

Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards
- PAYPAL & Venmo

- Offline Payments

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