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To a more resilient farm....

We were so excited to be featured this week in Edible Finger Lakes sustainability column where we talked briefly about some of the things we do here to promote resiliency and diversity at the farm. As mentioned in the article, which you can read here, we built our farm with the idea that no matter the scale, there are very simple practices and methods that can be integrated into your existing farming/gardening that promote greater diversity, healthier soils, and ultimately higher quality foods and FLOWERS! To that end, I wanted to share a little more about the things we do here.

Something we really strive for is to ensure that everything on the farm gets used, and everything serves at least one, but ideally many, purposes. Raw materials get routinely dragged home and repurposed into raised beds, trellis and fencing, compost heaters and even our hoop house was mostly salvaged. This is mostly to avoid the ballooning costs of building a farm from essentially nothing, but also a dedication to reducing our impact by consuming less. We exercise no-till farming, so no mechanical equipment. Rather than dig down, we build up from the native soil - less gas, less soil disturbance, many benefits. And although we're not certified because of the size of our farm (smaller farms don’t require certification), we use