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Subscription info

What is a CSA?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture... think of it as a crop share, where you get to pre-order produce (or in our case, flowers) direct from the grower to enjoy all season long, while the farmer gets to start the season with a better sense of how much to plant and what share of those crops will be leaving the farm. It also gives us a chance to get to know you better! 

How does your CSA work?

When you sign-up/purchase a bouquet subscription from one of our many options, you will receive in return a weekly bouquet for the number of weeks specified in your selected CSA. Each week during the growing season, CSA shares will be available for pick-up at a predetermined time and location (typically multiple times and locations will be available). Shareholders will be contacted two weeks prior to the first installment to choose their preferred pick-up time and place. 

Bouquets will come wrapped and ready to add to your favorite vase. Each weekly share must be picked up during the week in which it is prepared. If you miss your preferred pick-up place/time, you can arrange to pick up at another location during the same week if you contact us 24 hours prior. You can also arrange for someone else to pick  up your bouquet if you'll be out of town.  Any shares not picked up will be recycled and donated or composted on our farm.

What will my CSA bouquets look like?

For the hand-tied bouquet option, you can expect a medium-sized arrangement containing between 20-25 seasonal blooms and accompanying foliage. The arrangements will be suitable for a vase or pitcher. Blooms will be selected from what is in peak bloom on the farm during that week. We grow a wide variety of flowers on the farm and while bouquets will vary in composition some examples of what will be in bloom each season include:


early summer -  your bouquet may contain anemone, snapdragon, ranunculus, poppy, sweet pea

late summer - look for cosmos, zinnia, calendula, sunflower, wildflowers

early fall - you may find dahlias, zinnias, china aster, and early fall foliage in your arrangements

How do I sign up?

We will announce the availability of our CSA options on/around the first of the year. You can pre-order your share on our website until they are sold out, or up to June 1. Once you have ordered your share, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. By providing your email address, you will also help us to keep in touch with updates about pick-up times and special events for shareholders throughout the season. 

As a CSA subscriber, you become a shareholder in our business, therefore shares cannot be canceled or refunded after purchase - however unwanted shares can be transferred or gifted. In the event that severe weather or other unforeseen circumstances arise that affect our ability to provide you with your bouquets, any missed shares will be honored in the following year. If you are unhappy with your shares, please let us know, and we can work toward a solution. 

Visit our Flower Market to purchase your CSA share now!

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