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Hey There

Thanks for stopping by!  We (me, Keith, Chase, Bo & Pete) welcome you to our cut flower farm in Horseheads, NY. Established in 2020, moved in 2021, we're building a resilient regenerative farm rooted in the principles of permaculture. We built our farm to find a new way to live and grow together but over the last few years it's become so much more. We're researching methods to improve our soil, growing and producing our own food using only natural fertilizers and organic methods, and working to harmonize our farming with the natural surroundings by creating wildlife habitat. Our hope is to open our space to share everything we learn along the way to help others who want to restore balance, regenerate/reinvigorate their land, or just have a really amazing garden! We hope you'll follow along and come see us soon. Check out or upcoming events page for opportunities to visit and learn with us.

why we do what we do...

There are a lot of reasons we do the things we do, generally speaking. For us, this farm is about so much more than selling beautiful flowers. We didn't realize that all at once, but over the years, we've come to understand the bigger picture... so here it is, for us, in our terms. 

  • We believe that our farm is a microcosm for the world around us. Here in this space, we have a duty to protect and preserve the land in the face of a rapidly changing environment. Our goal first and foremost is to build a resilient farm - we do this by protecting and improving our soils, practicing water conservation, and improving biodiversity through native and natural plantings. We use only organic and naturally derived inputs - making as many of our own as we can right here on the farm - and are slowly working to convert our lifeless lawn back into a productive and healthy space. See the progress on our blog.

  • We believe that communities thrive when they come together. We want to share what we've learned and what we continue to learn about regenerative farming - i.e., practices that improve and regenerate rather than deplete the farm space - with other farmers, gardeners, or friends & neighbors who just want to grow amazing tomatoes. We're working on a series of workshops and opportunities to welcome all who are interested to explore what we do and learn to apply it to their own gardening practice. Check here to see what's coming up.

  • We believe in the local movement and supporting those around us. So much of what we consume today comes from somewhere else... but it doesn't have to. And circling back to that first idea - it's better for us and better for the planet if we find ways to shop locally, the shop with small business owners, to shop where our dollars mean more that just what goes in the bag. Our ethos is to provide a quality, locally-grown, pesticide free specialty product to our community. We thank you for your support! And in turn, we commit to supporting other local businesses, artists, growers, and producers whenever we can - particularly those who employ practices similar to our own.  It is through this lens that we can see a brighter future with strong and resilient communities filled with people who care. 

  • This WHOOOOOLE thing is about finding joy. We started farming because it made us happy, not because it makes us money. We started designing flowers because it allowed us to be fun and creative and help others celebrate. We work tirelessly to transform our farm from lawn space to orchards, and food forests, and pollinator habitat because it fulfills us to know we're doing impactful work. And we'll continue to share our journey in hopes that it inspires someone else to go out there and find the thing that brings them joy. 

  • But this isn't the only thing we do... we operate in a way that keeps us balanced. So we might no be available on Sundays, or at midnight, or at the drop of a hat... but we are here and if it's a sunny afternoon in the Finger Lakes, we'll be right back after we finish enjoying a little bit of this wonderland we live in. 

  • If some of this resonates with you - feel free to say hello, or show us some love by buying a bouquet, support our many projects by purchasing a subscription, or book us for your wedding or event. We're happy to return the favor!






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